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9/6/08 08:11 am

9/5/08(THU:65º:Clear)Stayed in bed all day and night running fever.
I never dreamed I'd live this long.
Never thought I had much of a song,
Maybe the old man got it wrong
And took someone else instead.

It's not that I've had a lot to give,
He took better men, and let me live.
Makes little sense to me.
Maybe I should be grateful.

But who said that I wanted to stay,
Maybe I'm tired of the games the Gods play.
Stumbling along day by day
Just another chess piece on the board.

It's all very strange this game of life,
With all it's pleasure, pain and strife.
It beats the hell out of me.
Will someone explain me the rules.

Is it ordained or is it chance
That takes us on our merry dance?
Mostly headlong with no backward glance
As we dance to our separate tunes.

Then comes the day we dance no more.
Do we really stand knocking on heavens door
Hearing the angels sing, and hoping to be welcomed in.
I wonder.

9/4/08(WED:68º:Mostly Clear)Up @0300: Signed on FLMB & created online access(got timeout-error,but sub.sign-on required chg-of-password w/resolved issue): Back to Casita17 by 0600: Napped till 0900: Coffee: RDW said Patricia w/served w/papers yesterday after I went Humble: Fed fish: Synchronized to iBook & ck'd.e-mail & weather: Ck'd.FLNB site(everything worked,incl.graphics in both browsers[answered brenda cone's e-mail]): Posted LJ: Ate in Casita17: Rested & listened am: Synchronized to Mac-mini & tried FLNB site: Read financial news: Fed cats: Running allergy related fever by late afternoon: Went Casita17 to rest.
Caught between a rock and a hard spot.  Can't take any antihistamines or decongestants because they play with  my blood pressure.  So, I must lay with my head in a certain angle to will allow my sinuses to drain.  I have a rather large calsus on my left zygomatic-temoral-arch from an old injury that prohibits proper drainage, so it can get acute enough to strangle in my own juices if not careful.  Needles to say, this, along with having to get up every hour to go to the bathroom doesn't  spell for a good nights rest.

9/4/08 10:34 am

9/3/08(WED:75º:Mostly Clear)Up @0300(took 1st.dose of ghr): Up again @0645: Coffee w/breakfast: Fed cats & fish: Leveled Casita17: RDW went SanJacinto on bicycle: Ck'd.e-mail & weather: Updaged DS&DS files: Reviewed screen-shots in preview: Found goldfish-pond racoon-raided again(water-hose out of pond & pump on bottom horizontally[repaired pump using 2-flat-washers for thrust-bearings]): Dr.Forenza to Atascosita(bt.backup pump @lowe's on lc): Dr.Humble(bt.cat-foods on discover): Dr.Atascosita(lunch @i-hop): Dr.814(unloaded,then dr.behind gates): Updated quicken: Synchronized to iBook & ck'd.e-mail & weather: BP=134/76: Read financial news: Showered on patio: Ate in Casita17: Read: Listened am: Asleep after 2200.
Those darn raccoons destroyed another pond-pump.  I tried successfully to repair the pump this time because it was less than a month old.  Found some metal flat washers just the right size to work as replacement thrust bearings to hold the impeller wheel against the splined motor shaft.  Since these metal spacers are rotating against adjacent nylon parts, it's anybody's guess how long this jury-rigged assembly will last... so, I bought a new backup pump just in case.

9/3/08 08:47 am

9/2/08(TUE:76º:Pty.Cloudy)Up @0615: Coffee w/light breakfast: De-typhoonized(unhitched quad-cab from casita & erected bath-tent): Moved quad-cab outside 814's gates(rdw went sanjacinto in same): Synchronized to iBook & ck'd.e-mail & weather: Called Patrick(talked till patricia got in w/gro.[patrick said she got to jack this weekend]): Went out to pickup trash in back ally(patricia took her dogs inside w/she saw me): Shaved: RDW left in quad-cab after I said I needed cat-food: Ate in Casita17: Synchronized to Mac-mini & ck'd.e-mail & weather: Printed quicken info.for Aug.: Preened screen-shots: Dr.quad-cab to W*M(bt.gro.& cat-food): Dr.814(pk'd.outside gate & unloaded[forenza back in dr.way]): Cont.w/screen-shots: Ck'd.p-mail(rc.quest ck.): Dr.WB & cashed ck.: Pk'd.outside 814: Updated quicken: Cont.w/screen-shots(finished title-1 of 67-jpgs@2100): Showered on patio: Ate in Casita17: Listened am:Asleep after 2200.
1/3, 1/3, 1/3 today.  De-typhoonizing, doing month-end & month-start-up chores and some hobbies... a balanced busy day.

9/2/08 08:45 am

9/1/08(MON:74º:Mostly Clear Becoming Mostly Cloudy w/Freshening N.W.Wind)Up @0550: Coffee: Processed city,sage & w*m pmts.: Del.1st.omnibus ck.to city's dep.box in Forenza[dropped sage pmt.@po{pd.w*m bill @store}]): Dr.813(pk'd.behind gate): Cont.Typhoonizing until 1000(col.814's loose items & hitched quad-cab to casita17[moved shower-tent into util.bldg.{put 813's loose items in whse.& studio bldgs.}]): Posted LJ & commented to Mel~: Ate in Casita17: Bathed: Napped till 1500: Tea: Synchronized to iBook & ck'd.e-mail & weather: Read financial news: Fed cats & fish: Ate in Casita17: Bathed: Listened am: Asleep after 2000.
Well, Gustav turned out to be a rather non-event in this neck of the woods.  Got a trace of rain out of it beginning around dark and that was that.  Three counties east and north-east of here declared a mandatory evacuation, so I'm pondering the weight of all that.
Nevertheless, I went through the typhoonizing routines just like they trained us to do in the military -- practice, practice, practice until you can do it with your eyes shut.  Yes, there are things you can only learn by laying on of hands.

9/1/08 11:21 am

8/31/08(SUN:75º:Mostly Clear)Up @0550: Coffee: Fed cats: Dr.Forenza to W*M(bt.gro.on w*m crd.): Dr.814(pk'd.outside & unloaded): Cleaned casita17's a/c filter: Fed fish: Synchronized to iBook & ck'd.e-mail & weather: Postred LJ & commented to Mel~: Called Sherry(talked awhile): Called Patrick(said i'm on way): Rd.ReBike to Patrick's(talked till jack came by): Rd.Sherry's(gave her pb accnt.info.): RdFamily Dollar(bt.tr.fo.air time): Rd.813(synchronized to mac-mini & upddated quicken): Ck'd.latest hurricane news: Cont.Typhoonizing till late: Showered on patio: Ate in Casita17: Listened am(wwl-new-orleans): Asleep after 2200.
A whorl of activities combining social and storm preparations.

8/31/08 08:58 am

8/30/08(SAT:70º:Mostly Clear)Up @0530: Coffee w/breakfast: Fed cats: Synchronized to iBook & ck'd.e-mail & weather: Posted LJ & commented to Mel~: Started laundry: Shaved: Downloaded Fri.& Month-end prices: Reconciled price to assets to quicken: Updated tech.prgms.: Typhoonized by instl.eye-bolts w/swivel hooks & deploying cargo-net over boxes on whse.dock: Finished laundry: Showered on patio: Ate in Casita17: Rested & listened am: Ck'd.p-mail(rc.wb & discover stmts.[updated quicken): Ck'd.e-mail & weather(posted reply to brenda's i-dineout.com comment): Ate in Casita17: Listened am(wwl-new orleans): Asleep after 2200.
The two counties east of here (jefferson & orange) have issued mandatory evacuation orders... consequently, the local highways are clogged with people not only from these counties, but places farther east in Louisiana, including New Orleans.  I hear emergency vehicles (both police & ambulance) sirens almost constantly.*
I've spent time battening down some of the looser hatches so to speak today to mix with my normal month & weekend chores.

*PS: I'm hearing life-flight helicopters overhead joining the evacuation fray now.

8/30/08 08:23 am

8/29/08(FRI:72º:Clear w/Afternoon T-Storms)Up @0700: Coffee w/light breakfast: Fed cats & fish: Synchronized to iBook & ck'd.e-mail & weather: Posted LJ & commented to hua~& mel~: BP=159/85: Synchronized to Mac-mini & ck'd.e-mail: Cont.preening Connie's AK screen-shots: Ck'd.p-mail: Brenda said she'll be back after 0500 to get some 4-0-Clocks: Ck'd.e-mail & weather: RDW brt.Brenda over @0530(we dug up yellow & wite 4-o-clocks to go with her pink[filled holes afterwards]): Cleaned tools: Showered on patio: Ate in Casita17(rdw brt.banana-pudding over for dessert): Listened fm: Asleep after 2000.
In a world surrounded by women of women, a man does what he does.  1) level and block a travel trailer knocked off plumb by two riotous ones, and 2) agreeing to give some yellow and white 4-o-clocks to the other one of the pair, brings his reward; a banana pudding: while good, left me pondering the psychological-phallic-implications of a chopped-up and well cooked banana served in effigy.

8/29/08 08:24 am

8/28/08(THU:75:Pty.Cloudy)Up @midnight(breakfast)Up again @0415(coffee): Cont.w/laundry: Synchronized to iBook & ck'd.e-mail & weather: Posted LJ & commented to Mel~: Dr.W*M(bt.gro.& flash-dr.): Dr.814(patricia gone,so made rounds looking): Dr.814(pk'd.outside gate & unloaded): Synchronized to Mac-mini & updated quicken: Preened some of Connie's screen-shots w/photoshop: Put Forenza inside gates: Fed cats: Ck'd.e-mail,weaher & financial news: Showered on patio: Ate in Casita17: Listened am: Asleep after 2000.
Getting mentally prepared for Gustav.

8/28/08 05:49 am

8/27/08(WED:75º:Mostly Cloudy)Up @0600: Coffee: Fed cats: Dr.Forenza to W*M(topped tank & bt.gro.): Dr.814(pk'd.behind gate): Synchronized to iBook & ck'd.e-mail & weather: Posted LJ: Updated quicken: Mary picked up Patricia(reported to patrick): Ate in Casita17(ck'd.back-alley tin alignment): RDW said her Casita16 jumped off it's jacks(prob.due to her & brenda's activities last night[jacked it level and reset blocks]): Synchronized to Mac-mini & ck'd.e-mail & weather: Pressure-washed Casita17(did clorox rinse): Showered on patio & rested in Casita17 till 1815: Fed cats: Started laundry: Ck'd.financial news: Ate in Casita17: Listened am: Asleep after 2000.
Got a bang out of re-leveling RDW casita16 rv-trailer today.  She looked a little sheepish when I was asked to do the work.  She and Brenda must have been doing some rather brisk mutual exercising together to make it jump it's tracks like that.  Since I stay across the street at night, I'm not a witness to the first cause, only the resultant cause after daybreak.  Nevertheless, cause fixed and leveled again.
Over at 814, I pressure washed Casita17 today.  Will probably react negatively to the chlorine tomorrow with stuffed sinuses and generally feeling like crap. 

8/27/08 08:30 am

8/26/08(TUE:76º:Mostly Clear)Up @0500(breakfast): Back to bed till 0800(coffee): Fed cats: Dr.RDW to Beaumont via 90 & old liberty rd. all way to old downtown dist.,then magnolia to concord rd.to fudruckers for lunch: Dr.Maggie Moo's for dessert: Dr.814 via 105 & 770(looked at famous sink-hole in hull desietta): Pk'd.behind gates & washed love-bugs off Forenza w/pressure washer: Ck'd.p-mail(rc.pb stmt.): Ck'd.e-mail(downloaded sage smt.& printed same: Updated quicken: Posted LJ & answered Mel's~comments: Ck'd.financial news: Showered on patio: Ate in Casita17: Asleep after 2000.
These love-bugs appear twice a year hereabouts... in the spring and later summer.  They are attracted by carbon monoxide during their mating flights and are susceptible to impinging on the windshields and front-ends of CO2 emitters going down the roadway.  They are usually hooked-up during their flight, so when you hit one, you get two for the price of the same time and gas.  Now multiply this occurence by 1000's and you get the picture of how they can change the color of your car or truck in no time flat, not to mention how they can block your forward vision.
Years ago I had heard them called "Baptist Bugs," and when I inquired about it, the station attendant  pointed to one and said: "look closely at them.  See?  They may be two-faced, but they sure like to stick together" (speaking of how they attach to each-other by their posteriors).

8/25/08(MON:77º:Mostly Clear)Up @0600: Coffee: Fed cats: Dr.Forenza to W*M(bt.gro.): Dr.WB(cashed cks.): Dr.Patrick's(talked until rdw came by with robbie hood's business card from city hall(he's initiating procedures against patricia for health code violations): Dr.814(pk'd.outside & unloaded): Synchronized to iBook & updated quicken: Ck'd.e-mail & weather: Made more screen-shots of CLS's Ak DVD: Dr.RDW to Baytown in Forenza for bank stmt.(lunch @ golden-corral[lizzy-ann's daughter gave me big hug & we talked]): Dr.Food-Town(bt.gro.): Dr.814(unloaded via wheelbarrow): Moved Forenza inside gates: Napped till 1730: Fed cats: Synchronized to Mac-mini & ck'd.e-mail & weather: Posted LJ: Did more screen-shots: Showered on patio: Ate in Casita17: Listened am: Asleep after 2200.
Staying busy!
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